Dual enrollment available to BHS students in 2019-2020


Nadya Buffum, Staff Member

Are you a student that got a 480 or higher on your PSAT’s and/or SAT? Then lucky for you, you are eligible to take the new dual enrollment classes next year.

Dual enrollment is a way to get college and high school credit at the same time. Jennifer Rowland, a Biddeford High counselor, has taken on the task of deciding new courses for next year. This included talking to Maine public universities to see if they would allow students to take dual-enrollment classes. You can chose to take a dual enrollment class when picking classes for next year.

“One of the big pushes that I had this year was dual enrollment,” said Rowland.

Dual enrollment classes are considered an advantage. If you meet the passing grade, your GPA will increase because they are weighed as an honors class.

“It’s different from AP because [in] AP courses you have to meet a certain score for a certain college,” said Rowland. “Whereas dual enrollment, let’s say you get a B-minus in your course, you’re going to get a college and a high school credit.”

Some of the classes are Psychology, U.S. History, and English for seniors can take Southern Maine Community College English during school, and  dual enrollment classes are a better way to save money for college.

“Most majors have to take Intro to Psychology in college,” said Rowland. “So why not have them take it now for free and get the college and high school credit?”

Dual enrollment classes are approved by all Maine public universities, and can be considered an elective from other colleges. Rowland encourages students that want to go to college to take one, even if you are not going to a Maine college.

For more information regarding dual enrollment, speak to your guidance counselor.