Junior Nate Eugley returns to public school after struggle with Lymes disease

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Junior Nate Eugley returns to public school after struggle with Lymes disease

Joshua Hanson, Staff Writer

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Nate Eugley, a junior at Biddeford High School, returned after being homeschooled for over three years.

In sixth grade Nate Eugley was diagnosed with Lymes disease, after he’d suffered a tick bite to his neck.

“After I’d found the tick on my neck, I went to go get it tested for Lymes disease. The test came back negative which meant the tick didn’t carry Lymes disease,” said Eugley.

When Eugley’s test came back negative he felt relieved.

“Since the test had come back negative, I went a long time without being tested for the disease again,” Eugely said.

Eugley went months without knowing that he had contracted Lymes disease.

“Since I’d gone so long without being tested, I became really sick,” said Eugley.

Eugley had not realized that he had contracted Lymes until he went back to the doctors and they ran another blood test.

“It got to the point where I had to leave public schools because it was so bad. I did online schooling for about three years so I could get better,” said Eugley.

Lymes disease had a hold on Eugley, and it limited his activities.

“The symptoms of Lymes disease that affected me were severe joint pain, drowsiness, nausea, and sometimes uncontrollable vomiting,” said Eugely.

However, Eugely’s symptoms started to recede around a year ago. Which gave him the idea that he should come back to public schools.

“Coming back to public school hasn’t been very hard for me,” said Eugley. “Everyone has been very welcoming and it’s been nice to hang out with people and do normal things again.”

Nate returned to school and hopped right back to where he had left off.

“Lymes disease does not affect me a whole lot anymore. I still have joint pains that hurt a lot when I’m doing certain activities, When my joints hurt I wear braces or take pain meds to try and deal with the pain,” said Eugely.