March spirit week brings out tiger pride in students and staff


Junior Kurtis Edgerton provides a spirited ending to the junior class dance at the rally on Friday, March 22.

Maria Gagnon, Staff Writer

Every year in spring, Biddeford High School puts on a spirit week to help keep the pride alive for students and staff. This year, spirit week was March 18 through the 22. Dodgeball tournaments, after school activities, and games during the rally all took place to help make this time enjoyable and exciting for everyone.

The spirit week includes fun theme days for students to take part in, including college apparel day, squad day, meme day, pajama day, and class color day.

“The most exciting thing about spirit week is the sense of pride I get when people participate and dress up,” said Junior Class President Chloe Gale. “It makes me feel good knowing that some people can let loose and have fun.”

At BHS, students and staff have a lot of tiger pride. The rallies are all about having fun and pumping up the energy.

“I feel like the rally will be very energetic and just a fun time for our class,” Sophomore Class President Renee Dutremble said.

The excitement for the rally is within all the classes. Participation in theme days and activities wins the classes points. All classes try to get the most participation to win spirit week.

“I look forward to everyone uniting over something. I love it when we all get together to celebrate,” Freshman Class President Jillian Boilard said.

Before spirit week even begins, the classes have to plan their class shirts, make a dance, and recruit members of the class to participate in the activities. During the busy school week, students meet with their class to rehearse their dance and to count the participation to get points.

“The most difficult part about preparing for spirit week is all the planning. The students plan a lot of things for spirit week, and it’s not quick little things,” said Boilard. “The things we do have a lot of thought behind them, and a lot of people don’t know how much planning, time, and energy goes into a spirit week.”

Being at a school that’s full with pride, it is easy for students to get involved.

“I feel like [the seniors] will be excited,” said Senior Class President Grace Laverriere. “I hope people realize we should just go all out because it’s our last one [rally]. I have a feeling this is going to be the best one [yet].”

Biddeford High School will forever be remembered for its roaring pride upheld by the students. Rallies and spirit week are definitely times students will carry with them forever. The legacy of spirit will live long at BHS.