Model UN team holds conference for neighboring schools


Matthew Farley, Staff Writer

On Saturday March 16 at Biddeford High School, the Model United Nations team held a conference. The conference took place in the Center of Technology discussion room. About three schools attended and participated in the conference.

The conference touched upon issues such as rights to colonize, space debris, and the  weaponization of space. The Model UN team attends two conferences a year and tries to hold at least one conference every year at the high school.

Students of the team say preparation is key to a successful conference. Sometimes even preparation can’t equip a student for the debating that they’re about to take part in. At heart though, the members of Model UN enjoy the club.

Students research months before a conference to ensure they know the views and standpoints of their assigned country.

“The students are assigned a country to represent a certain topic. They then research the countries perspectives’ and use the research for debates at a conference,” said Advisor Ryan Minzy.

When the most recent conference kicked off at Biddeford High, senior Lucas Girard thought it was too calm and decided to encourage more debate.

“I was assigned to India, at one point in the conference I thought it was too peaceful and there wasn’t enough conflict, so me and a friend decided to stir it up a bit to make the conference more enjoyable, Girard said.  The topic went from peaceful and happy, to countries debating left and right about weaponization in space. It was a lot of fun.”

As the subject changed, students assigned to certain countries had to go into overdrive to prove their point.

“My country was North Korea and the agreements and disagreements were abundant,” junior Maggie Dallaire said.

Model UN is an engaging club that encourages critical thinking and educates students further about politics.

“Model UN is a good way to understand global politics and get involved. It’s also fun to try and understand issues you wouldn’t normally think about,” said junior Seth Harding.

Model UN will go to one more conference on May 15th to close out the year.