Outgoing BHS freshman discovers passion for volleyball


Madison Arnold, Junior Editor

Freshman Haleigh Wyatt is kind and outgoing. She displays dedication and loyalty to the relationships in her life, as well as the activities she is committed to.

Wyatt is a pretty active teenager. She has a close relationship with her parents and she spends most of her time either playing volleyball and softball or doing homework. Wyatt enjoys the outdoors as well.

“My ideal way to spend a day is just being outside, either swimming or jumping on the trampoline,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt cherishes old mementos from her childhood, displaying how deeply she values what her parents provide for her. Wyatt looks up to her parents and appreciates they ways they help her.

“If something is wrong they immediately notice it,” said Wyatt.

In a lot of ways, Wyatt has inherited this perceptive quality when it comes to her friends.

“If they have a bad day, I’m always there,” Wyatt said. “I always see when something is wrong with someone. I always try to help.”

Wyatt explains that her parents are most proud of her when she achieves good grades or does well playing volleyball. She clearly favors volleyball over her other activities.

“I’m happiest when I’m playing volleyball,” said Wyatt.

She plays in league known as Maine Juniors. It is an off- season commitment and it takes up a lot of her time.

“When I’m playing volleyball I just feel like I can be myself,” Wyatt said. “I don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Wyatt is very others-oriented and she carries her caring nature over into when she plays sports as well.

“All I have to worry about is making sure my team is all excited to be able to play the sport,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt is hoping to go for a varsity spot as only a sophomore next year. She is most proud when she is able to be a contributing member for her team.

“My favorite moment happened a few years ago. I served the ball about 14 points in one game,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt plans to keep working as hard as she can and practice over the summer to propel herself forward in her next volleyball season.