A healthier habit

Jacob Pinkham, Staff Writer

Students at Biddeford High School lift in the school’s weight room for sports, to be healthy, or just to relieve some stress.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students gather after school at 3:00 p.m. in the weight room to exercise and lift. Many of these students are athletes preparing for future sport seasons     with different ambitions, while some of these students are just trying to stay fit and get stronger.

“[I lift] to get better, to better myself, and to better my team,” said junior Daniel Urling, an avid lifter. “[I lift] for the gains and aesthetics, it keeps you healthy, and it gets you stronger.”

Urling is not the only student that wants to help the school’s football team by lifting.

“I lift to get better with [track]. Lifting has helped with all the events I participate in,” said freshman Emily Nhun, who lifts after track practices. “All the coaches always push you and it’s a great environment to be in. It also can definitely work as a stress reliever when you need it.”

Weight lifting and the weight room don’t always have to be about getting better for a sport. It could also be for students who want to stay healthy.

“Currently I lift to just stay in shape. I would recommend working out to everyone because it’s good to exercise anyway,” said Carter Edgerton, a senior lifter. “The weight room should be for anyone who aspires to work out.”

Coming to the weight room isn’t just about lifting, and it’s about bettering yourself, and to push beyond your own limits.

“It is the most instrumental step you can take for improving yourself, and the more people [who] do it, the healthier our society will become,” said Bart Murphy, a junior who frequently lifts.

Some people just like to lift because it makes them feel good and accomplished. Senior Ryan Brown is one of those lifters.

“I personally lift because it gets all of my stress out and I feel amazing after the fact,” said Brown.

One of the captains of the football team, Anthony Mariello, also trains in the weight room when it is open and continues to improve himself for his loved sport and his loved team.

“I lift because of my ultimate goal to win a football championship next year,” said Mariello.”As one of the key players on defense, it is important for me to be ready for such a grueling sport. Lifting is crucial to the football team, and it’s what ultimately prepares us for a sport that can be very violent at times. It’s great to see each and every person progress on an everyday basis.”

The weight room is open to everybody no matter what sport you play, if you want to get healthy or if you’d just like to relieve some stress. It is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00 to 5:00. Follow Coach Tyler Hanson’s Instagram handle @bhstigerweightroom for updates on whether or not there’s lifting.