South Street construction continues to impact residents and BHS commuters


Construction workers continue work on South Street the morning of May 13. Photo by Matthew Farley.

Matthew Farley, Staff Writer

As the construction on South Street began in June 2018, many students and parents were frustrated with the traffic delays.  

From flat tires to students being late for school, everyone was ecstatic for South Street to be construction free for the winter. As the construction season drew to a close,  traffic resumed and things were back to normal. But as April 1, 2019 rolled around, the construction vehicles roared back to South Street and the frustration began once again.  

“Since the South Street construction has begun, I’ve had four nails in my car tires, all on separate occasions,” senior Matthew Tardif said. “It’s just incredibly frustrating.”

As the construction continues, traffic delays are imminent. Some people have made an effort to try and avoid south street altogether.

“My driveway exits onto South Street, so now we have made a side pass onto Highland Drive,” English Teacher Jayne Sheltra said. “We did this because we can never get where we need to go through South Street due to the construction.”

Since the construction began on June 8, 2018, some residents have had other problems.

“While I know they’ve been doing the best they can, in my opinion, I think the way the Public Works Department handled it could’ve been better,” South Street resident Grace Laverriere said. “We personally were given no notice when it was happening, and some of my neighbors had their front lawns damaged due to the construction.”

When the traffic delays were at their worst, the school was incredibly grateful for the help of the Public Works Department.

“The Public Works Department has been really good at communicating and working with us during the school year to make sure everyone can make it to school on time,” Principal Jeremie Sirois said.

As frustrated as people might seem, deep down everyone knows the city is just trying to do their job.

“Living right next to the construction site can be loud, but it’s summer and it’s construction time. You can’t really control it,” South Street resident Ella McKenzie said. “It’s all about doing your part and planning ahead for the traffic to get to work and school on time.”

As the construction lingers many people are still curious as to when the project will be completed and why it needed to be done in the first place.

“We’re looking to have the project completed from July 15 through July 30,” Public Works Director Jeff Demers said. “What we are trying to do is separate the sewers and the storm water drains, this needs to be done so the sewer goes to the treatment plant and the storm water goes into the river.” 

As the construction continues, South Street will remain under construction until the end of July. Traffic delays are to be expected.