Senior Makayla Jean-Paul looks forward to transition to college

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Senior Makayla Jean-Paul looks forward to transition to college

Nadya Buffum, Staff Writer

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Senior Makayla Jean-Paul is transitioning her love and pride for Biddeford High School to a new four-year college.

Born and raised in Biddeford, Jean-Paul, also known as MJP, is both happy and sad to leave BHS.

“At Biddeford, I always felt like it was a family,” said Jean-Paul. “When I went to Saint James, I had such a small class, and I was nervous when I came to high school it wouldn’t be the same, but I did truly find my own family.”

Jean-Paul has always had school pride. She remembers when she was old enough to walk, her mother would bring her to all the football games.

“I always dreamed about coming to Biddeford High School,” said Jean-Paul. “Being able to see how it’s a lot more than just a school. It’s a community.”

Jean-Paul describes the community as not just the students but also their parents, the students who have graduated who still come back to sporting events, and educational events.

“Being able to grow up with people and find more people that are like me,” said Jean-Paul. “I’ll miss that the most.”

Although Jean-Paul is graduating this year, she plans on dropping by, especially when her sister, Genevieve, is in high school.

“I already promised the soccer team that I would visit. And I won’t miss out on hockey games. I love hockey,” said Jean-Paul.

Out of her four years at BHS, Jean-Paul had a hard time thinking of anything that is her worst memory, but she could think of tons of great memories.

“Freshman year I got in trouble for running in the hallways because I thought it was gonna be like those movies,” said Jean-Paul. “[I had] never been to a public school, [so I] thought I was going to get shoved in a locker, and a teacher was like ‘Why are you running?,’ and I was running to class being nervous I’d get bullied,” said Jean-Paul.

She also said that her favorite memory was senior year, when she scored her first goal at the Old Orchard Beach soccer scrimmage.

The words Jean-Paul used to describe her senior year: stressful, fun, and unexpected.

“I’m really excited to embark on the second half of my journey for my education,” said Jean-Paul. I’m happy for it to be over because Advanced Placement testing is stressful, but the second I leave it’s gonna be sad saying bye to everybody, but I’m excited and sad.”

One person she’s still excited to see is science teacher, Mrs. Ryan. Jean-Paul aids Mrs. Ryan’s science class every other morning. She’s also excited to see her peers.

“I would much rather be with Mrs. Ryan every other morning than sleep in,” said Jean-Paul.

“She’s a lovely woman, and being in her human body class, she really pushed me. She has guided me to see what classes I should take. She’s just truly— I might cry—she’s truly a great person. I genuinely love her. She’s a great teacher and overall great person in general.”

Jean-Paul said she always wanted to go into the medical field because she enjoys helping people. She is going on to University of Southern Maine to be a biochemistry major, then hopes to transfer somewhere to continue onto her pre-dental degree to be a dental surgeon.

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