Class of 2020 faced challenges for a night to remember

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Class of 2020 faced challenges for a night to remember

Nadya Buffum, Staff Writer

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Have you ever thought about the effort that goes into big one-night events? The Class of 2020 did a lot of fundraisers while facing tons of challenges to make a night to remember for the graduating Class of 2019.

On May 11th, the class of 2020 held a Roaring 20’s senior prom at Dunegrass Golf Club in Old Orchard Beach.

“I’m excited to see their reactions. I’m excited to see all the kids dressed up,” said Adam Flynn, a math teacher, and class advisor. “These seniors were some of the first kids that I had in class when I student taught, so I sound like an old man but to see them a couple of years later going to their prom, it’s an exciting event, and it’s a big deal for anybody.”

The class officers, Chloe Gale, Megan Mourmouras, Claudia Janelle, Marguerite Dallaire, and Abigayle Michaud, have been fundraising every year by doing candy grams during the holiday season and a lot of bake sales at track meets and baseball games.

“Our biggest but not really a fundraiser was Homecoming [Dance], which we put a lot of work in. But then you sell your tickets for a pretty high price, so we end up pocketing it, which is good,” said Flynn.

These fundraisers were able to pay off the $8,000 for prom, including the $500 photo booth which was available all night, and $250 for the disc jockey. The rest of the money was to pay for Dunegrass to host the dance, including the food.

“I picked a lot of food that I liked,” said Flynn. “We’ve got unlimited soda bar, an assorted dessert tray, buffalo chicken cups, sliders, bacon mac and cheese cups, and imported and domestic cheese display.”

Dealing with a big event like this comes with struggles which kept the officers on their toes.

“A challenge we faced was coordinating because I can be as motivated as I want to be to reach out to someone,” said Flynn. “For examples, the DJ, and ask him to do this, but if the DJ decides just not to respond or not do anything that kind of leaves me in panic mode.”

Last year, Kelsey Johnson, the other class advisor and science teacher, and Flynn chaperoned prom and enjoyed it at the Pepperell Mills. That was their original plan for this year.

“Right off the bat, we were planning on doing it at The Mills,” said Flynn. “But then we got an email back that they were no longer allowed to do events in that space, so we were scrambling last minute. Thank goodness that Dunegrass has availability because if they didn’t, then our options would’ve run low.”

Another obstacle that the prom committee faced was Mrs. Johnson recently had a baby. She was out for a couple of months, and that changed the playing field for all the class officers.

“Most jobs are easier when you have someone you can trust doing it alongside you, and with Mrs. Johnson being out it meant that everyone else had to pick up the slack,” said Flynn. “She would take the lead, but now it flipped, and the class officers did a great job stepping up. We all had to make a conscious effort that we had to all step up our game to make this happen.”

Flynn said that it could’ve been worse, but eventually everything came together and were able to make a prom that is one to remember.

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