Jobs, schools and a social life?


Photo by Heather Tremblay.

Jacob Pinkham, Staff Writter

Whether it’s landscaping, working maintenance or working fast food, students at Biddeford High School grind in and out of school.

They work for many reasons, including money, satisfaction, and exercise. While working, they have to balance their school work along with their social life.

“I’m a landscaper and I do my job to earn money for myself and my [future] expenses,” said junior Nate Plante. He works as a landscaper for his brother’s company, Plantes Property Maintenance and Excavation.

Plante works hard on a daily basis with his brother after school.

“I enjoy working because it’s a great way to get exercise, make a change to someone’s property and feeling good about it,” Plante says.

Plante isn’t the only person who is working for cash. Other students work in the food industry.

“I work at Amato’s making pizzas, calzones and stuffers,” said Kaleb Howard, a senior at Biddeford High School.

Howard does this everyday before caring for his new baby niece.

“I like working because the people there are nice and it’s fun,” Howard says.  “I can also get money to buy things, pay bills, and stay out of trouble for the most part.”

Although fast food is a common job for students, there are also other jobs that students work.

“[I work] maintenance,” said Aidan Donovan, a sophomore who works for his father.

Aidan and his brother Liam Donovan both work with their father doing maintenance in their buildings.

“The working environment is fun and loving. These skills will help me in the future. I plan on owning my own hotels and I need  all these skills to be able to run a good hotel,” said Donovan. “I plan a time for everything and I do what I have to, to get it done.”

Managing time seems to be a crucial part in maintaining a job while having school, although it comes easily for junior Angus Babb.

“I manage everything at once, but I’m not really that social besides with certain people, or at work,” said Babb who works at McDonald’s.

Babb works hard a handful of days a week to support his hobbies.

“I work because eventually you’re going to need a job in the future, and it’s better to get ahead of the game,” said Babb.

Students work hard on all different days of the week for many different reasons. These students and many others all take on the tasks of balancing between school work, jobs and a social life.