Martin Grohman and Co. Visit B.H.S. 


Bartholomew Murphy



On Friday, December 6th, students from Mrs. Johnson’s Environmental Science class were met in Mr. Brasier’s room by former Maine congressional candidate and Executive Director of the Environmental Energy Technology Council of Maine, Martin Grohman. He was joined by Biddeford Public Works Wastewater Director Jeffrey Demers and Casella Account Manager Erica Bayley. Casella Waste Management is the local waste management/recycling company in the Biddeford/Saco area.


The focus of the presentation was on recycling. Standing next to Hannaford’s recyclable bags and examples of trash they went through examples of what could and could not be recycled. The issue was brought up that the U.S. was sending their recyclables to China, who complained that there was too much trash within them to buy. Grohman, Bayley, and Demers stressed that citizens were not allowed to recycle things such as plastic bags, or any moist paper or cardboard. The overall message from the group was “When in doubt, throw it out.”