Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday

Joe Biden's Super Tuesday

It’s that time of the year when the polls are open in our school, but it’s not the general election season. For the state of Maine, this day falls on Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday is a day in the presidential primary season where 14 states hold elections on who they want their presidential nominees to be. Also, there was a referendum on the ballot, as well as petitioners trying to get their candidates or referendums on the ballot in November. Whether it was local or national, it is worth recapping what took place on Tuesday.

Nationally, Joe Biden came soaring back from a near-dropout during the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries to reclaim his frontrunner role winning 10 out of 14 states, after most of the remaining candidates dropped out of the race and endorsed him. Just days before Super Tuesday, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer dropped out. Others such as Beto O’Rourke endorsed him as well. With the elimination of his competition among the moderate wing of the Democrat party, Biden seemingly pushed Bernie Sanders back into second place. Take note that Elizabeth Warren, a progressive Democrat similar to Bernie Sanders, did not drop out of the race like the other candidates did. This meant that many Warren voters, who most likely would have voted for Bernie Sanders, were instead sapped away, hurting his numbers. Also, it should be noted that Mike Bloomberg did not in fact “get it done,” and after Super Tuesday he has dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden as well. The results from the contests are as follows:



Joe Biden, 63.2%, 286,065 votes

Bernie Sanders, 16.6%, 74,888 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 11.7%, 52,750 votes



Joe Biden, 40.5%, 92,586 votes

Bernie Sanders, 22.4%, 51,117 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 16.7%, 38,213 votes



Bernie Sanders, 33.6%, 1,008,056 votes

Joe Biden, 24.9%, 746,631 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 14.3%, 428,669 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 12%, 360,658



Bernie Sanders, 36.1%, 282,462 votes

Joe Biden, 23.6%, 184,262 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 20.5%, 160,240 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 17.3%, 135,013 votes


Maine: (!)

Joe Biden, 34.1%, 68,396 votes

Bernie Sanders, 32.9%, 65,894 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 15.7%, 31,514 votes



Joe Biden, 33.6%, 470,294 votes

Bernie Sanders, 26.7%, 373,173

Elizabeth Warren, 21.4%, 299,733 votes



Joe Biden, 38.6%, 287,464 votes

Bernie Sanders, 29.9%, 222,530 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 15.4%, 114,754 votes


North Carolina:

Joe Biden, 43%, 568,581 votes

Bernie Sanders, 24.1%, 318,872 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 10.5%, 138,502 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 13%, 171,823 votes



Joe Biden, 38.7%, 117,552 votes

Bernie Sanders, 25.4%, 77,302 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 13.9%, 42,243 votes



Joe Biden, 41.7%, 215,005 votes

Bernie Sanders, 25%, 128,688 votes

Michael Bloomberg, 15.5%, 79,638 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 10.4%, 53,555 votes



Joe Biden, 34.5%, 716,030 votes

Bernie Sanders, 30%, 622,630 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 14.4%, 298,262 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 11.4%, 237,028 votes



Bernie Sanders, 34.6%, 62,786 votes

Mike Bloomberg, 16.7%, 30,366 votes

Joe Biden, 17.4%, 31,571 votes



Bernie Sanders, 50.8%, 80,121 voters

Joe Biden, 22%, 34,734 votes



Joe Biden, 53.2%, 705,800 votes

Bernie Sanders, 23.1%, 306,024 votes

Elizabeth Warren, 10.7%, 142,070 votes


The only candidates listed in each state are the ones who won delegates. The higher the state population, the more delegates won in the Democrat convention that will decide the nominee. Because of this, Bernie Sanders still could have come out with a decent night if he had won Texas, which was a tossup coming into Tuesday. Instead, he now goes into next week reeling.


Locally, as shown, Joe Biden won the state of Maine, another tossup. There was also Question 1 on the ballot, which was asking whether a ban on religious and moralistic exemptions from vaccinations should be rejected or not. Mainers overwhelmingly voted NO to keep the ban, voting 73% NO to 27% YES.