The 411 on summer jobs…

Audrey & Ken break down summer jobs

What’s a better way to spend this summer? You guessed right! It’s slaving away in a stuffy room somewhere in the back of a business establishment. Yes, getting a summer job is the best way to go!

Here’s our top picks for the most tolerable of all summer jobs

1. Life Guarding

Audrey’s Con(s): Life guarding at a water park: What’s not exciting about sweaty wet children running around? Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even get splashed with some lukewarm water on their way down the slides.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): Picture this: beautiful weather; ladies that you may or may not have a chance of scaring, and coming off as a creep as you approach them; and the opportunity to relax under the sun for the whole day. If you like the sound of all of that, then being a lifeguard is definitely the job for you! Of course, all of the pros mentioned above would only apply if you neglect those children as they drown.

2. Summer Camp Counselor

Audrey’s Con(s): Most of the time being a camp counselor means working everyday except for weekends. If you really don’t want a social life this summer this is the job for you. The benefits are dealing with sass of fifth graders and making sure you keep your temper under control to deal with these situations appropriately.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): Ah yes, summer camps. If there’s any idea that I can draw out about what summer camp is supposed to look like, I know that it’s supposed to be fun, sunny, full of activities, and many other joys that I traded for hours worth of video games as a child. Of course, you wouldn’t get to experience the camp firsthand, but hey, you get to do something more productive than lazily sitting at home watching infomercials while stuffing your face with Doritos. Go make your parents proud!

3. Waiter or Waitress

Audrey’s Con(s): I suppose dealing with moody customers is just something everyone has to deal with. Working at a restaurant as a waiter/waitress could really cause some stress considering if the customers food is not cooked to perfection you could take the heat for their meal being less than perfect.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): You get paid to pass around food. That alone is a pro itself. What makes it better is that you get to spend a good portion of your day surrounded with the aroma of food. You are the real winner here.

4. Dog Sitter/Walker

Audrey’s Con(s): If you get a small dog usually they are yappy and can’t really keep up with a fast pace. They are also easily distracted by all of the bugs in the grass and other people they pass so your 20 minute walk may just turn into an hour. If you get a big dog chances are they will probably run faster than you and drag you down the sidewalk resulting in some nasty tar burns and gravel stuck in your skinned knees.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): Okay, what’s better than getting paid to take care of a fluff of adorableness that happens to be a dog? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even a bucket of ice cream, a Snuggie, or Crocs. You get this job, you automatically win in life.

5. Office Intern

Audrey’s Con(s): If you are looking at something in the field of business maybe your parents can score you an internship with a fancy CEO or much less glamorous an accountant. There’s nothing better than having to dress in stuffy suits and sit in a room where the air conditioner is most likely broken watching other kids your age having fun on their way to the beach.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): A dead atmosphere, 6-something hours that is mostly spent sitting behind a desk, and stacks of paper all around you. Now, if you’re hoping that working in an office would be anything like they show in The Office, then you’re wrong…or right. What do I know? I freeload off my parents. I’m guessing you get free coffee though, so that’s a plus.

6. Yardwork

Audrey’s Con(s): If you are smart enough to start a lawn mower, let’s only hope that you’re in good physical condition to carry the bag off insect filled grass into a field to dump it.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): Think about it: you have a lawn mower, and it’s just you versus this patch of grass. The job looks so easy that you might as well call yourself the Genghis Khan of lawn mowing because of all the grass that you have cut before, and many more that are waiting to be hacked by you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

7. Coaching a sport

Audrey’s Con(s): For starters you should probably be semi-knowledgeable about the sport you will be coaching. The kids are generally very clingy and look up to you as if you are the next Tom Brady and that alone is a big enough standard to live up to. The nagging parents along the sidelines yelling at you how to do your job and how “their child is gifted” are an added bonus. Save yourself the stress and run as far as you can from any coaching opportunities.

Kenneth’s Pro(s): In front of you is the future of America’s athletics. If you think that is not impressive, then the fact that you get to rub the sport that you’re good at on these kids’ faces is a good reason to be impressed by this job. Now, go have fun kicking a soccer ball into these kids’ faces as you yell to their faces that you’re in line to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo. When you’re done subsequently crushing their dreams, actually coach them, and then give them a false sense of security as they gain their confidence back. Then crush it again.