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Skating into February

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

February 18, 2017

Although Max and I have been together for these past three winters, we have never gone ice skating, which I find really weird considering his family sets up an entire ice rink in their backyard. This rink is welcomed to all of their friends and families who make frequent visits. I can’t even count h...

What I’ll miss about the 44th president

Lauren Paquet, Editor

January 28, 2017

With the recent inauguration of the 45th president, Donald Trump, and in light of the negativity everywhere from social media to just about every news station and magazine, I want to focus this month’s column on what I enjoyed about having Barack Obama as my president from fourth to twelfth grade: Wa...

Environmental protection in schools

Colby Perron, Staff Writer

January 25, 2017

  If Leonardo DiCaprio, an Oscar winner and world famous actor, believes that climate change is a major danger to our planet, why don’t you? Since the second Industrial Revolution, our country has made a very heavy carbon footprint, being the second highest source of CO2 emissions i...

Repeal for Obamacare brings controversy to America

Repeal for Obamacare brings controversy to America

Meg Friel, Editor in Chief

January 25, 2017

With a new president-elect soon to be in office as the official POTUS, new changes are certain to come to the United States, including the controversial repeal of the Affordable Care Act. As President-Elect Donald Trump inches his way closer to office, the  Republican party begins to strip the ACA of it’...

Advice for enjoying high school

Meg Friel, Editor in Chief

January 25, 2017

As I come into the last few months of my senior year, I’m shocked by how fast the time has gone by. The past four years have blurred together into one hectic, insane, blissful and, at times, overwhelmingly saddening adventure. Reflecting on my past four years, I think of the advice I’d have given ...

BHS re-enforces hall passes

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

January 19, 2017

Roaming through the halls of BHS without a pass is officially something of the past for most students. A recent re-enforcement on hall passes has students aggravated. However, the reasoning behind these passes is more than just wasting paper and time. These passes help ensure learning and safety. We,...

Injuries: to keep playing or sit out?

Lauren Paquet, Editor

January 15, 2017

It’s playoff season. Your entire team is working twice as hard to play their best. You lack time to sleep, eat, and the only thing that matters to you is winning. With all this pressure to perform at your highest competitive level in whatever sport you’re involved in, injuries become inevitable,...

The importance of a good book

January 12, 2017

Cell phones and social media make it difficult for the average teenager to sit back and relish in untold stories and daring adventures. Growing up, many students are told they need to read. In primary school, children are assigned 20 minutes of reading every night with an independent reading book. A...

My not so eventful gym date

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

January 10, 2017

  Now that the holidays are over, it is time to say goodbye to those 10 extra pounds that I have accumulated over the past few months. Plus it is a new year, so what better time to start working towards my body goals? Luckily, Max and I are both working towards this goal, so hitting the gym tog...

Ending the stigma

Megan Friel, Editor in Chief

December 23, 2016

With the days getting shorter and the nights seeming so terribly and unbearably long, the risk of suicide and depression overall seems like a weight on my shoulders that I can’t seem to shake. Being that my mom is a therapist, I’ve always grown up quite familiar with therapy and meditation in a broad...

A different take on Kanye’s perceived all-time-low

Lauren Paquet, Editor

December 21, 2016

This month, I’ve decided to discuss the hospitalization of Kanye West last month. As many of you may have heard, West was hospitalized for nine days in November after allegedly undergoing a mental breakdown. Since his departure, he hasn’t rested much, and instead, has resumed his busy lifestyle and...

Selena Gomez breaks her silence

Lauren Paquet, Editor

November 28, 2016

As some of you may know from my columns last year, I have a crazy obsession for music. So naturally, of course I watched the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 20th. From Bruno Mars’ stellar opening performance of “24k Magic” (my jam these days) to The Chainsmokers’ duo with Halsey for...

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