Staff accepts ALS ice bucket challenge

BHS Staff takes on viral challenge to raise money for research

Audrey Desjardin

The Biddeford High School staff decided to raise awareness and donate to ALS research by participating in the viral ice bucket challenge on September 4.

Along with the staff, students did their part in this challenge by dumping large recycle bins full of icy water over their favorite teacher’s heads, making it a fun experience for not only the staff, but for the students as well.

Although the staff was not forced to join in on the excitement, it was highly encouraged in an email sent out by Principal Jeremie Sirois. Some of the staff joined because they believed in the cause, others because they knew somebody with ALS, such as ceramics teacher Karen Rubin.

“I have a relative who died from ALS and everybody had been doing it this summer and I kind of got lucky and didn’t get nominated,” said Rubin. “It wouldn’t kill me to do that and it was kind of a group effort and I thought it would be a good way to show support.”

Patricia Woodbury, a teacher in the math department, had previously participated in the challenge and decided to do it  a second time.

“It’s a good cause and I thought it would be fun to be with the staff and do something like that,” Woodbury said.

Another member of the staff that has done the challenge more than once is Jeremie Sirois. When the staff joined forces and did it together it was his third time participating.

“I did it before the year started for field hockey, again with my son, then I did this one and Mr. Edstrom hit me again with a second bucket after it was over,” Sirois said.

Overall the challenge turned out to have its positive effects and worked out exactly the way it should Sirois believes.

“It served its purpose and we generated some money, the staff had a good time, I mean it was 85 degrees out so nobody seemed to mind getting nice and cool.”