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The real problem in school hallways

Public Displays of Affection is a major problem in High Schools
Colby Perron, Staff Writer May 23, 2017

Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Jack and Rose; We get it, after spending most of your lives idolizing these icons of love, you feel the need to recreate their famous kissing scenes while...

United Airlines asked to apologize

United Airlines asked to apologize

United Airlines receives backlash after mistreatment of a passenger.
Megan Friel, Editor in Chief May 15, 2017

In a world surrounded by chaos, peace and quiet can be found in the most unexpected places. Row by row of a plane, for example, you can find peace. Left alone with a neck pillow and snacks, one can prepare...

Racial harassment occurs at two Boston Red Sox games

Lauren Paquet, Editor May 12, 2017

On Monday, May 1, a Boston Red Sox fan yelled racial slurs and threw a bag of peanuts at Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones and security ejected him immediately from the game. This incident...

Involvement crisis

Today, there are many students throughout schools across the country that aren't involved in any type of school sponsored activity or sport. This has proven to be detrimental to social skills and learning in students
Mitchell Farley, Staff Writer April 3, 2017

There is an epidemic plaguing schools all around us at this very moment called uninvolvement. Waking up in the morning, arriving to school, and heading home to remain idle after the bell rings is the...

Dancing their way to perfection

Biddeford High School’s Theater students spent countless hours over the past two weeks preparing to perform “Thoroughly Modern Millie”
March 31, 2017

Biddeford High School’s Theater students spent countless hours over the past two weeks preparing to perform “Thoroughly Modern Millie” The students who are participating in the performance of...

Popular talk show host under fire.

Tomi Lahren, suspended from her outspoken political talk show.
Alex Chase, Staff Writer March 30, 2017

Whether you follow politics or not, the ear piercing voice of Tomi Lahren is worldly known. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a twenty four-year-old passionate, talk show host of Tomi on The Blaze....

The Roar’s take on Trump’s “travel ban”

Lauren Paquet, Editor March 2, 2017

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya. All of these countries have one thing in common: People from these countries cannot enter the U.S. for 90 days and refugees cannot enter for 120 days....

An obituary for the american education system

Colby Perron, Staff Writer March 1, 2017

     The American education system passed away recently, having survived strong since 1902 when John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie established a system sending students to nine years of elementary...

The roles in education

February 27, 2017

In every coming-of-age movie there is a teacher that guides the protagonist to learn not only academics - but the world. However, there comes a point where the friendships between teachers and students...

Environmental protection in schools

Why The Roar believes environmental protection should be focused on more in schools.
Colby Perron, Staff Writer January 25, 2017

  If Leonardo DiCaprio, an Oscar winner and world famous actor, believes that climate change is a major danger to our planet, why don’t you? Since the second Industrial Revolution, our...

Injuries: to keep playing or sit out?

Lauren Paquet, Editor January 15, 2017

It’s playoff season. Your entire team is working twice as hard to play their best. You lack time to sleep, eat, and the only thing that matters to you is winning. With all this pressure to perform...

The importance of a good book

January 12, 2017

Cell phones and social media make it difficult for the average teenager to sit back and relish in untold stories and daring adventures. Growing up, many students are told they need to read. In primary...

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