Utilizing your family’s holiday presents that you secretly hate

December is a time of family and gift giving, and sometimes everything doesn’t turn out as planned. With these tips you can use even your most horrid gifts for anything you set your heart out to.

Abbie Paquette, Co-Sports Editor

It seems that as soon as we’re done stuffing our faces with sweet cranberry sauce, mouth-watering mashed potatoes, and succulent turkey, that Christmas is on our minds. We all look forward to wrapped gifts and spending time with our families. Yet, there’s always a gift that we get a one point in our lives that is so horrid that we don’t know what to do with it. Some are brave enough to ask for a receipt, but others who are too kind hearted choose to keep it. So instead of just throwing that item in the back of your closet never to be seen again,  here are my ideas for Christmas gifts that you never wanted.

First off, the most prevalent item I’ve ever gotten is clothes, ugly clothes. Whether it be a horribly made sweater, or so-last-year style boots, there’s a use for them nonetheless. For shoes, you can easily make them into a pot for plants. You can even say it’s some cool version of Wall-E’s plant in a boot merch. Along with being a pot, ugly shoes can also be used as a vintage purse. Just glue a strap onto that sucker and off you go! For taller shoes, you can create a trashcan. Just stuff a bag in there and they now can be utilized. For clothes, they can easily be cut and transformed into a blanket, a sheet cover for your pillow, or even be made into a hippie item like a headband, a skirt or anything hippies these days wear.

The second gift that I’ve always gotten that I really don’t have any use for is some unnecessary device. One time I got a miniature sewing machine. What does one use a miniature sewing machine for that can only fit probably the size of my sock? Absolutely nothing (except sometimes I do mend my socks when I’m feeling motivated). Instead, you can use these items for hangers for your clothes or to stretch out your shoes; or absolutely anything that you find necessary to do, whether it be just sticking it in something or putting something over it.

For any device or anything given to you that you despise, there’s always two simple solutions. You can either take that item, ball it up or cut it up, or just take out the batteries, and just chuck into a fire. Who doesn’t love seeing the beautiful colors an item that you hate makes in a fire? It could be blue, green, purple, or white even; that’s the coolest thing ever when you have an item that you don’t like, from your family that you barely like once they start asking you if you’re single or if you have a boyfriend, and how schools going, for what seems like the 20th time.

Well if none of these options actually work for you, you can just get the receipt from your family and go to the store. Yeah, they may yell at you over, and over, and over again, but you get money for it and you can actually buy something you want. Or you could chuck it into a fire, but like I said it’s your choice. Even if you don’t get everything you want on your Christmas list, it’s the joy of being with your family that matters the most, no matter how annoying they may get. Christmas and the holiday season is a time of giving, and even though they may give you the wrong thing, you still should look forward to it regardless. You only have a few years spent on this earth and even less to be spent with your full family, so make the most of each holiday season and put on a smile, even if you get the gift you hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns.