The perks of being single

Being single as a dollar may not be a bad thing after all.

Abbie Paquette, Co-Sports Editor

The single life can be a happy time or a terribly, terribly sad one. It’s like being freed from the ball and chain. You are no longer subject to buying your significant other a certain thing that was shown on Twitter as “relationship goals,” and you don’t have to respond to their text five minutes after they sent it; you can take a respectable two weeks and not feel the slightest flicker of emotion. It’s great. However, being single can also create a small void in your heart and may even let you have feelings. I know, it sucks. But instead of focusing on that terrible person that played with your heart and may have dumped your beautiful, fun, and quirky self; focus on all the freedom and pleasures there are by being a lone soldier.

By being single, you can save your money for food and eat whatever you enjoy, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your significant other. You can buy yourself a lifetime of cake pops with the amount of money you drop on a single piece of sparkliness called jewelry. And boys are becoming more expensive by the minute too. No person in their right mind wants to spend one hundred to four hundred (and maybe even more) on gifts that you may just end up burning in the fire if you guys ever break up. So, instead, just buy and eat whatever you want. Eat a million muffins because this is America and you can! Yes we can (eat as much as we want at the all you can buffet)! If someone does end up liking you, then maybe it’s time to reintroduce a little healthy living and eat a salad. No pressure though, since I’ve been riding the single train as long as my “ugly” middle school years.

Along with that, you don’t have the emotional baggage of a relationship holding you down from fun activities with friends and allowing you to do what you want. You can go to the mall as a spontaneous thing to do, and you won’t have to worry about the approval of them. You are probably going to get invited to more places and parties now too to avoid the whole relationship drama. You also don’t have to spend time with their annoying friends that you really have to practice your fake laugh for in the mirror an hour before you guys go out. And to not have your heart be toyed with is a great perk of being single, because it’s practically a given that nobody is vastly in love with you in that moment and one false step or breath in the wrong direction could lead to your own heart to feel what happens quite often during the high school years: heartbreak.

Freedom is probably the best part of being single. You won’t be nagged to do anything like how your mom nags you to clean your room every time she walks in. Even though I still don’t clean my room after constant nagging, being single allows you the freedom of doing whatever without getting consequences, or worse, a breakup. Being free from the reins of commitment allow you to do stupid and crazy things with your friends, without a hundred texts or calls from your bae. For example, you could do the nae-nae in public, go mudding with your buddies, or even go on a top secret guys/girls night cruise to who knows where. If you’re not the adventurous type, I encourage you to go on social media sites and watch Netflix for seven hours. Trust me, it’s worth it and Gossip Girl is one of those shows you wouldn’t  want to miss. Freedom also allows you to go on dates and not have the fear of being committed and having to spend your days with the said person five-ever, because that’s way more than forever.

Although I do not have as much experience on the relationship side of life, I know enough that it can either be a warm fuzzy happy feeling inside of you that won’t go away, or it could feel like you’re dead inside without a hunny.  Being single should be a time for fun, happiness and renewal of the heart. It is a time where you can be you and not have to worry about anything. Your beautiful self will learn that being single is a blessed time. But truth is, single or not, just do what makes you happy. If you enjoy the restraints and the love, then you do you. I am trying to sway you back over to the enlightened side, but I mean if you’re all for mushy gushy, then maybe you’re too far gone right now.