Making the best out of your senior year

As my days as a journalist for high school are dwindling, so is one of the greatest years of my life, and here is how to make the most of yours too.


Abbie Paquette, Sports Editor

Seniors, we have almost made it. 1 month until graduation,  but who’s counting right? This is my last column I will ever write for the newspaper, and the feeling of moving on hasn’t totally sunk in yet. This year had many ups and downs, and a lot of “last first’s” and just plain old “lasts.” It doesn’t have to be all sad though.

Looking back on my four years spent in what was temporarily a construction zone, a homecoming mess and what was practically some of the best and worst years of my life, I want YOU as underclassmen all reading this to take my real, non-sassy advice here, and I want you to enjoy the best out of your senior year.

One way to make your senior year the best year of your life is to go to everything you possibly can. This is your last year to go to games as an official high schooler and be a part of our Beak Squad. This is the last time you can compete in Homecoming Week and cheer your heart out as a Biddeford Tiger, so don’t be a lazy couch potato that’s addicted to Netflix and Chipotle, that’s what college is for. Get yourself out there to experience as much as you can as a full-fledged member of BHS, because YOLO.

Another way to make the best out of your senior year is to not get senioritis. Honestly, I never thought I would hit this low in my life that I don’t care about my classes anymore and doing the homework. DON’T BE LIKE ME. You will have so many regrets and so much more stress on you than need be. Relax a little and maybe tone down the homework a little, but don’t let yourself fall deep into the pit of lazy, colleges are still able to drop you if you begin to fail everything.

But then again, senior year is supposed to be fun, so don’t worry too much about the future and everything all at once. Take little sips of the future juice, don’t drown yourself in it. You will be way in over your head and senior year will sound and be even more stressful than junior year. I just cringe at junior year, props to everyone who makes it emotionally sane after that.

Senior year is the wrapping up of the rest of your life, and what unfolds in the same process is a whole new one. Sure, you may lose some friends in the process of finding yourself, but the true ones are here to stay with you even if you all go your separate ways. Senior year is the final chapter, and you want to outreach at any opportunity you can, and laugh endlessly. Make the best mistakes, and let life lay out all it has to offer. Take chances, because high school is about finding yourself, and college is about creating yourself into an adult member of society. High school is where a mess up won’t affect most of your future, and you can still be allowed in the house and at school if you make a mistake. Soon, these options will be taken away from you, and before you may even be able to comprehend it, you’ll be walking up to the podium in front of your parents and being handed your diploma, and there’s no going back from there.

As Kenny Chesney once said, “Life goes faster than you think, so don’t blink.”

Catch you on the flip side BHS.