Athlete of the week- Dwayne Dyer


Alex Keely, Staff Writer

What has made you so successful this season?

“I was successful this season because of my fellow teammates. I went in with a mindset to do the best that I can and not give up. Thankfully we had other athletes that would help me push myself to the limit.”

How does it feel to be playing wrestling this season?

“It feels great to be wrestling. Yes, the sport is punishing. However, the bond you make with your teammates, the work ethic you learn, and the goals you achieve is amazing.”

Do you believe your team’s records effectively shows your team’s achievements?

“Yes. We finished the season with a 16-3 record. You can’t show how hard we work an easier way than our record. Our team proves that we can push ourselves to do well.”

Do you believe that wrestling is a growing sport in our school?

“Yes. Just a few years ago, we were lucky to fill every weight class. Now we fill almost every weight class with J.V. to back us up.”

Do any of the underclassmen look up to you?

“I would like to believe so. I’ve been told several times that I am one of the nicest wrestlers you’ll meet. I will try my best beat another wrestler, win or lose, I will still show good sportsman like conduct. That helps underclassmen understand there are better ways to handle situations other than throwing headgear or yelling back at coaches and referees.”

How did having to make weight affect you at school?

“Having to make weight is a difficult thing to do. When cutting weight you get hungry, and this can affect your grades. You have to be mentally strong to make weight and do well in school.

How has wrestling change you as a athlete?

“It has helped me in the same way that last year did. It has improved my work ethic and my physical and mental strength.”

What makes wrestling different from other sports at BHS?

“Wrestling is very different from other sports. Any other sport may be tiring, it may need you to think before you run a play or send a different player out. Wrestling does all of these and more. You need to be mentally and physically ready to do whatever it takes to win. You will have to train extremely hard to help your team out. You may also have to make weight for one weight class, then get bumped to one higher for the extra win. If anyone needs to be taught a good work ethic, then wrestling is a good sport to get into.”