Max and Tiffany take on the Museum of Science

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

This month, my boyfriend, Max, and I decided to take on the Museum of Science located in Boston Massachusetts. Although many people may say that this date is only good for couples who are into science and the bonding of atoms, I can disagree. Each display there was made to grab people’s attentions and keep them entertained.  Even topics like noise waves and the water cycle seemed like the coolest things ever.  

Before I continue about the museum, I need to add a little side note.  The reason why Max and I decided to go to this museum is because this educational subject is how Max and I actually met. Freshmen year, we had the same space science class. Of course, I was the dumb one who could barely pass the class, and Max was the genius who tutored me through every assignment. With this being said, it is now easier to understand why we chose this place for our extravagant monthly date.  

Walking through the doors of the science museum, it was easy to understand why many would say it is strictly a children’s museum with the baby carriage rentals on my left side and the line filled with whining toddlers and impatient parents in front of me. Thankfully the line went fast, so we didn’t have a chance to change our plans and leave for an Italian restaurant down in the North End.

Each ticket was 25 dollars, which seemed a little high to me, but after about 10 minutes of walking around, I decided that it was well worth it.

We started off on the bottom floor so that we could work our way up.  This floor was filled with environmental science activities, which would make my science teacher, Mrs. Johnson, very proud. One of the activities was a flowing river with different pollutants being dumped into it, and you had to come up with a solution to not only keep the water clean but to also keep the community running. It doesn’t sound like a blast, because of all the educational factors, but learning can be fun!  

After about two hours of listening to Max go off about how he knows everything about science, we realized that we definitely needed to pick up the pace. If you have never been to the science museum I suggest doing a little research about the different types of displays and pick a handful to go and visit.  Although it would have been nice to see everything, there is just not enough time in one day.

After looking at a map we decided to visit the perspective, architecture, and the Da Vinci display.

The perspective area was actually really cool, besides all the drool from the toddlers on everything (don’t forget hand sanitizer).  The display had things like 10 feet tall chairs and floating maps.  Overall, this area would be perfect for those couples who are not entirely into science, since it was more about making things bigger and creative. It is also perfect for couples who are at different levels in science.

Next, we went to a display Max wanted to see, the biggest inventions of Da Vinci. Although every other adult there oohed and ahhed at his inventions, I found it pretty boring. I think mainly because I went from all kinds of fun hands-on activities to no-touching and just-looking. Even though I found it boring, Max thought it was more fascinating than any other display at the museum. In fact, no matter how many times I begged to move on, I was looked at like I was crazy. Max calls this an area for “Mature People”, so avoid this area if you are not “mature”.

Lastly, we stopped at the nutrient area, which luckily it was the one topic I knew more about than Max. He is the type of guy who can eat two double-stuffed burgers with a side of cheese fries, and not think anything of it. I, on the other hand, could eat a single grape, and gain five pounds. With that being said, I definitely know a thing or two about nutrients.  Even though I could never be a scientist, unlike Max, this was one display that I blew him out of the water with. When it came to activities that asked you to guess how many calories were in a certain food, I got all of them right. Max, on the other hand, couldn’t get a single one right. It felt good to be the intelligent one, finally.

With all this food everywhere, we started to get very hungry. So off to the overpriced food court we went.  I don’t suggest eating here, especially since there are hundreds of restaurants just outside the museum with much better food. However, its skimpy salad bar and stale pizza satisfied our hunger for the time being. The food court overlooked a river with big skyscrapers alongside it. This was the absolute perfect way to end an educational, yet fun day.  

Even though most of the day was spent detecting who was smarter than the other, at the end it didn’t really matter.  All that mattered was that we got to spend our day together and learn something along the way. Definitely a date for any couple to try!