Max’s finest catch–maybe

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

As I write this dating column, on one of the coldest days of the year, I can’t help thinking of all of the fun summer dates Max and I have been on. From hiking mountains to eating at our go-to roof deck restaurant, it’s safe to say that most of our favorite memories are in the summer when there is so much more to do. However, out of all these dates, I think our frequent lobstering dates remain the most memorable.

I should start off by saying that Max is a lobsterman who goes out on his boat about three times a week for about 10 hours each trip in the summer. Lobstering consists of sailing to the traps, reeling them in, collecting the lobsters, filling the bags with very disgusting old fish (bait), throwing the traps back in, and then repeating this process about 150 times. So when one of Max’s helpers call out, he calls me.

There is a reason why I am second in line when it comes to who goes lobstering with Max, and it’s not because I would rather stay home. I actually really enjoy going out on the boat lobstering with Max, mostly because I get to sit in the front of the boat in my swimsuit and soak in all the sun while I listen to my favorite music playing from his speakers. From this, you can probably tell that I am not the most helpful crew member. Although, it is not like I haven’t tried to help Max in the past …  

When I first started going lobstering with Max, I tried reeling in the traps a few times.  The only thing is pulling these traps out is exactly like pulling a 50-pound weight out of the water, not to mention all of the gross seaweed built up on these seasoned ropes. I have also tried putting those little rubber bands on the claws of the lobsters, and that ended in a bloody disaster.  The vicious little lobster pinched me and practically broke my finger, or when I insisted that I could bait all the bags without any assistance.  After about 10 bags, I called quits. Yes, I felt bad that Max had to do the other 140 bags and do all the other aspects of lobstering, but this girl is not made to stick half her body into a deep barrel filled with rotting fish.  Of course, I can’t forget the time when Max let me drive his boat to the next trap and I almost steered the boat right into a pile of rocks. The effort has always been there; I just haven’t had much success.

Although, there is one thing that I am pretty productive at when it comes to these lobstering dates– jigging. For those of you who don’t know, jigging is fishing for mackerel which is by far the easiest type of fishing there is.  All you do is drop in your line, that has about eight hooks connected to it, then wait about 20 seconds and pull the line back up and you have about eight fish ready to take in. Next, you take all of the little fish off the hooks and put them into a bucket. I usually let Max do this part because those fish are sometimes bloody and I am a diva.  This part of the day doesn’t last long  though; mainly since it is a little thing that Max set up for me to stay busy and entertained. This time is also the time when Max gets to enjoy his one and only break of the day.

To me, Max going out on these trips is more than just him trying to earn some extra cash, but rather an attraction. I can’t say that seeing him covered in bait and beat red from the sun is most flattering thing in the world, but being able to watch him display his strong physical work ethic and determination is always nice. It all helps build up my opinion of Max, which I wouldn’t say isn’t too bad.  

I think the most important part about these day long dates is the time we get to spend together. Even if the time consists of me sitting in the front of the boat in my beach chair relaxing in the sun, while Max does everything else on the lobstering boat. Some may find me to be lazy, but Max doesn’t complain. I think mostly because we are on small boat in the middle of the ocean, and neither one of wants to be swimming home.