Dining Dating

Relationship filled with love, laughter, and good food.

Tiffany Curro, Staff Writer

It is undeniable that Max and I have always bonded over food.  If we are bored, we go out for ice cream. If we are celebrating, we order the jumbo pizza. If we are in an argument, we tend to lean towards Thai food. The point is, food has become a huge aspect of Max and I’s relationship. With this being said, we really have created our own way of dining.

In our relationship, we have a thing called second dinner– which comes after your first dinner. I need to mention that before I met Max, I lived a sad life of only indulging in one dinner a night. Thankfully he saved me from this lifestyle, and now we find ourselves at Rapid Rays at least once a week. Typically, second dinner is served anywhere between 10 pm and 1 am and is made up of greasy fries and chocolate milk. When Max first introduced me to this new meal, it was just a treat, but not anymore.  This second dinner thing has become a lifestyle for me, one that I refuse to give up. Even when I am not with Max, as soon as the clock hits 10 pm, I march myself into the kitchen to start prepping the most important meal of the day–not breakfast.

If you are anything like us, then you must know that good food really does put you in a better mood– even when you are about have a complete freak out.  So unlike most couples that spend time-fighting over the phone, we take it out at some local restaurants.  Like I said, Thai food is our go to in these circumstances, so if you ever find us there, then you know there is something going on. I think the reason why we choose this place is because of how open and quiet it is, so it limits how loud we can argue and what we can say. This itself makes arguing easier and then you add the good food to it, boom– instant forgiveness.

Max and I have also acquired a true love for something called spaghetti soup. Yes, this soup is exactly what is sounds like. It is simply just a big pot of chicken broth, whole canned tomatoes, and about three pounds of whatever pasta we can find in my pantry. Usually this meal will be served for first dinner but sometimes second dinner, and hits the spot-always. It really is the perfect meal when Max and I are on the run or if we don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into making dinner.

However, the first dinner of the night is only worthwhile if it is finished with a desert.  When food is this big of an aspect in your relationship, then you can’t cheat out on dessert – it’s a necessity. Usually, Max and I will binge out on ice cream or cookies, but if we are feeling extra, then we get takeout at Longhorn. Yes, we order two brownie sundaes at a steak restaurant about a few times a month without indulging on any of the other dinner options. I think it has gotten to a point where the lady who takes care of the takeout orders knows who we are.  If you are questioning why we don’t just make it ourselves, then clearly you haven’t had Longhorn’s brownie sundae — enough said.

As you can see, food has really shaped my relationship. Chowing down on good food has more than just nutritional benefits, it also fills my life with good wholesome memories. Memories, I think, every relationship should encounter.