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Andrew Gelinas, Columnist

 sitcom WandaVison episodes 1-3 review 


WandaVison is a new series from Marvel Studios on the young Disney+ streaming platform. It is the first foray into the medium of a series by Marvel studios and as far as their first 3 episodes go they have come out swinging, continuing to expand their never before seen spotless superhero franchise record. That recond though to this point has been fairly consistent, you always know what you’re getting from a Marvel movie, some fun action adventure superhero content but in that aspect WandaVison is completely unique. 

From the introduction of episode 1 the beginning of the show is played as a 50s sitcom even filmed using sitcom techniques even with the live studio audience that the first episode is named after. This new 50s sitcom style is something that Marvel studios has never done before and their gamble with trying something new has paid off. The quality of the first 3 episodes is extremely high making you completely forget the previous 12 years of history that this series contains immersing you in a Brady Bunch/Bewitched homage.

The show takes cue from classic tv shows via instead of a series arc being the main focus that show prioritizes self contained episodic plots, something you see less and less these days with most shows taking a 13 hour movie approach something the former Marvel tv did with many shows. 

Though Marvel hasn’t completely nailed it in one go. The major issue plaguing all the episodes to this point are the roughly 7 minute credits at the end of each episode. On a network show this wouldn’t be an issue because they would cut it off and air something else and that would be expected here too with the next episode but for some reason the only way to bypass these credit sequences would be to manually skip through them. These extended credit episodes shows inexperience in the series format.