Spirit Week is Back


Now that spirit week is over let’s go back and take a look at how it went. This was a pretty big deal being the first pep rally that we’ve had since before covid, and they made sure to make the week a good one. 

We started off Monday strong with “Anything but a backpack day”  where I think we had the most participation. This was also the day that people got most creative with things like tires, drawers, baskets, and much more. It also kicked off the back sales as the seniors started off the week, making a good amount that also gave them points towards spirit week. 

Tuesday was “Mismatch/ Crazy hair day” which also had pretty big participation, as many kids focused on the mismatched part of it, wearing different shoes or bright colors that don’t go together. 

Wednesday was “Tacky Tourist day ” which didn’t have as much participation as I was expecting. Though I did hear many people complaining about it because it had been done so much and they thought it was boring. This was also the day that the sophomores did their bake sale which was a hit, and they were very successful earning more than most grades. 

Thursday was “Character day” and along with Monday, this one had a pretty big participation rate. There was a group of seniors who dressed up as dalmatians to go with Schang who was “Cruella Deville”, We had some people dressed up as characters from Heathers, The Incredibles, and much more. 

Friday was “Tiger pride day” but it was also the day of the pep rally and a nonacademic day to wrap up “Make it count March. In the morning there were workshops before the afternoon pep rally where all grades competed against each other for the chance to win more points. Each grade also performed the dances that they had been working on throughout the week, as another part of the competition. 

And after being announced this week the winners were the sophomores, the freshman coming in second place, then the seniors and last were the juniors having lost points for bad sportsmanship.