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Fresh Face: High School

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer May 5, 2017

I thought, for my very last column, I would write about something that could be taught to many generations to come, and one day may find itself in your children's history books. I wanted to write about...

Fresh Face: Oxy Spot Treatment

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer March 21, 2017

I’ve had gal pals ever since I can remember; gals that understand my perfection, and gravitate toward it. Over the years, I’ve had pals get too intimidated by my fierce bone structure and incredible...

Fresh Face: Nail Clippers

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer February 17, 2017

Clipping away my problems has never been so easy.  The change that comes with a new set of nicely trimmed nails makes solving the world’s problems so much easier. Granted, I can’t snatch as many wigs...

Fresh Face: Bolegner Air Humidifier

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer January 16, 2017

Growing up, I’ve always known I’m invincible. No one told me. I just knew. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp for the human brain. I’m perfect, most people aren’t. In fact, I have yet to find...

Fresh Face: “New Vanity” WigsbyVanity Wig

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer December 15, 2016

I’ve always had inklings of what I loved as long as I can remember. I knew I loved femininity. From strutting in heels as a five-year-old, to going to my junior year Homecoming in drag, I knew the world...

Fresh Face: “American Crew” Hair Paste

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer November 15, 2016

In the events that happened this month - a Trump presidency, riots across the country, a Hillary loss - I’ve needed something to keep my spirits up. With a Trump win keeping the country at a very big...

Fresh Face: Thayers Original Witch Hazel

Fresh Face: “Thayers Original Witch Hazel”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer October 16, 2016

I’ve always hated the color red. At a younger age, red symbolized everything negative in the world. It represented the blood from the scrapes I would get on my knees from the park, anger, evil, and now...

Fresh Face: “Alba Botanica Night Cream”

September 16, 2016

Over the summer, I hoped my skin would blossom into the perfect airbrushed aesthetic that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid miraculously obtained. However, I still have enough oil on my forehead to make a...

Fresh Face: Beauty Blender

Fresh Face: “Beauty Blender”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer May 10, 2016

Looking flawless and having airbrushed skin is something I have always experienced throughout my life. However, when I do get those very rare blemishes, it’s nice to have a miraculous foundation to...

Fresh face: Androgyny velour liquid lipstick

Fresh face: “Androgyny” velour liquid lipstick

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer April 10, 2016

I love finding things that allow me to burst through a rainbow and scream “I’m gay!” at the top of my lungs and skip down the street with an attitude that says, “I’m still better than you.”...

Fresh Face: Daddy-O Lush Shampoo

Fresh Face: “Daddy-O” Lush Shampoo

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer March 10, 2016

I finally found a product I hate more than the joke that has become Donald Trump. I love when I find something I hate. It’s a new thing to talk about, to tell people not to buy it, to ruin the name brand....

Fresh Face: Burts Bees Herbal Blemish Stick

Fresh Face: “Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick”

Michael Tenney, Staff Writer February 10, 2016

I’ve had a life-changing experience. Before, I was a naive child with overalls and pigtails. Now, I’m a mature adult. My life is now filled with experience, determination, a fabulous aesthetic, and...

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