Just-in time to take the lead in track and life

For Justin Gagnon, independence and improving every aspect of his life are his main priorities.


Gagnon's dedication to track has only contributed to his desire to win.

When his name is heard, it is likely that one would think of a record breaker, but there is even more to what makes him tick.

He likes cranberry sauce, and claims that he has a weird laugh. Beyond all of that, however, he has broken state records for track. And yet somehow, he’s just an average Joe.

“What do I like to do on the weekends? I hang out with my friend, Nick Conley, and my girlfriend, Emily Dubois,” Junior Justin Gagnon said.

In his free time, he likes to do homework, watch tv, and hang out with his friends. Sometimes, he hangs out with his dad. To put things simply, he lives a relatively normal lifestyle.

“Buying my car was pretty exciting, too,” Gagnon said.

However, beyond his normal lifestyle, there’s something else to his story that makes him stand out in a crowd. That would be track in his case.

“I like track because I like to win. I’ve been doing it since 7th grade,” Gagnon said.

Arguably one of the fastest hurdlers in the state, Gagnon has been known for breaking andsetting new state records. If there’s anything that motivates him for track, it’s definitely the competition.

“I like it when people push me to go faster, because that’s when I go faster,” said Gagnon. “In Southwesterns, I got pushed to go faster, and then I broke a state record.”

However, despite setting a state record, only for him to break it later on, and set a new one, there’s something else that he’s happier about.

“My proudest accomplishment, I’d say, was getting my license and getting a job and being more independent,” Gagnon said.