Shipping up to BHS: Red Sox World Series trophy

Students got up close and personal with the 2013 Red Sox World Series trophy in Tiger gym

It all seemed like another normal Friday afternoon; the birds were chirping and fall was here. The football game was later that night, after all extra-curriculars had ended; but that’s not all people were excited about. Mounted on the tiger-pride embedded tablecloth was something that seemed a little out of place. That something was the World Series trophy, won by the Red Sox in 2003.

Staff dressed head to toe in Red Sox gear and signed up for specific time slots to get a glimpse of sport world history. Students buzzed about the trophy’s arrival, from taking pictures to tweeting. Alex Chase, a sophomore, was thrilled to share her first time with the World Series trophy with some of her peers.

“I’ve never seen a World Series trophy in person before,” said Chase. “It was fun taking a picture with it with some of my fellow teammates and coach.”

Although some sports fanatics thought that it was exciting that the World Series trophy had arrived at BHS, others like Sophomore Madison Perry, who isn’t a baseball fan, were still good sports about it.

“It wasn’t that exciting to me..I don’t really watch baseball,” said Perry. “But I guess it’s cool to the people that do…if it was the Stanley Cup I would have been freaking out.”

Even though it wasn’t Perry’s preferred sport, she still thought the trophy was a remnant of the past.

“It’s awesome that we got to see something that famous people have touched and have a personal connection to,” Perry said.

So how did the trophy actually get to Biddeford?

The trophy came to BHS by way of Principal Jeremie Sirois’ York High School days., By teaching a Red Sox player’s wife’s son in York, he managed to gain a contact within the organization to set the trophy’s main course to BHS.

“[My] favorite part was sharing the trophy with the high school so the people could get a look,” Sirois said.

Even so, the trophy and the memories linked to it have come and gone BHS’ presence in a blink of an eye. As people cherish the time spent with a piece of history, Sirois looks forward to future events.

“I’m always looking to do cool things like this,” said Sirois. “Nothing planned [yet], but you never know.”