Guide to graduation


Trinity Rowe, Columnist

I remember the start of freshman year like it was yesterday, going to my first homecoming game, the dances that were a much bigger deal than they were in middle school, and now I’m a senior getting ready for graduation which doesn’t feel real. I met with Mrs. Jacques last week to answer what I expect are the main questions that people are wondering about our approaching graduation. Just like every year, the seniors will be ending their school year off earlier than everyone else with our last day being Friday, May 27th leading us right into our June 3rd ceremony. 

  And after two years of covid restricted graduations this year, we are looking at finally going back to normal graduation, assuming that covid numbers continue to decrease. Because we are looking at a regular graduation they are hopeful that we can have Waterhouse at full capacity, while still following whatever the CDC guidelines are at the time. On that note they are choosing to stick with the decision that they made last year to get rid of tickets, so now students may invite as many people as they would like. But if we get back to a point where Covid numbers are rising and the CDC changes the guidelines they may have to reevaluate how many people can be there but also if they need to go back to tickets or not. So all of this is what we can be expecting now but may change as we get closer to the actual time.

But there is no need to worry if it does go back to tickets or you have a family member that can’t make it, they will be streaming the ceremony. It hasn’t fully been decided what they will be streaming with or on, just that they definitely will. 

Looking at funding for graduation all seniors are required to bring in their senior dues, which is $60. If you do not bring in this money you will not get your cap and gown, this money will be used to cover the expenses that are coming from graduation. 

The excitement doesn’t stop there either because Sunday, June 5th we have project graduation to look forward to.  Project graduation is also being held at Waterhouse. It is a free event for the seniors and it is encouraged that anyone who can make it does attend, though it is optional.