March Spirit Week

Refreshing the Tiger Pride, Student Council puts on a spirit week for the first week of March .


Audrey Desjardin, Junior Editor

To get everyone through the last dragging few months of the school year, one student had the idea of creating a spirit week in March to make up for the unevent filled Homecoming week.

Senior Cameron Petit started the idea and even made his own agenda of how he feels the week should go.

“It had originally consisted of themed days every day of the week, three after school activities, and a rally,” said Petit. “Mr. Sirois and I had decided that three after school events was a lot, so we cut some events and moved others to the rally to accommodate the staff, who were not entirely comfortable with three after school events.”

After looking over the plan for the week more closely, Principal Jeremie Sirois got student council to head the week and do the planning. Sirois was onboard with the idea for the week because he believes that a spirit week in March is needed since it is a “dark time” for everyone.

“I think the twist that we [Cameron Petit] discussed, maybe adding in a little academics, sports, focus on the captains of teams, so it’s a little bit of October in March,” Sirois said.

Petit’s idea to create the week was because of the disappointment of his last homecoming week that took place in the fall.

“I wanted to do this spirit week to bring our school together because I didn’t see BHS come together to its full potential during homecoming week,” Petit said.

Petit is not the only one that wasn’t thrilled about the turnout of homecoming week. Junior Mikayla Guay also felt it was an extreme disappointment.

“We lost a lot of great events we’ve had in the past and I feel as though we lost a lot at once that we really enjoyed,” said Guay. “Everything seemed shortened and rushed.”

Student council President Carissa Gelinas thinks this March spirit week is a way to redeem homecoming week.

“I’m leaving open expectations for everything that’s going to happen because that’ll be a starting point for us to go off of,” said Gelinas. “I’m just excited about the overall week, I think once homecoming week passes there isn’t a lot to look forward to but by having this week once we come back from February break — it’ll really bring everyone together in time for the school year to start coming to an end.”

The week will start off with a rave dance on Friday, February 27th, leading into the next week. Monday is college apparel day, Tuesday: twin day, Wednesday: Class T-shirt day, Thursday: Black and Orange day, and Friday is Class color day. Following the school day there will be events taking place on some of the days. Monday there will be a Dodgeball tournament, Wednesday: Student Faculty basketball game, Thursday: Mr. BHS, and on Friday the rally will take place during school, which includes anything goes and class dance.

Guay hopes the March Spirit week can become a tradition for years to come since school seems to “drag on” during this time of year.

“I’m honestly excited about it all, but I’d have to say I’m mostly excited to see how it all turns out and see the reactions from other students,” said Guay. “It will feel good to be able to say we accomplished something as a committee.”