Open letter to the coach who revived my love for baseball


Alex Keely, Staff Writer

Baseball has and will always be my first love. Everyone has that sport that no matter how good or bad you may be at it, you still love to play; baseball is mine. I’m going to fill you in, I have played baseball since as long as I can remember and have been good, bad, and the worst at different times. This month, my open letter is to a coach who made me better not only as a player but as a person.

Dear Coach,

You probably didn’t even know that ,before playing for you for the first time, I had considered not playing baseball anymore. I give you so much credit for making me a better player because you weren’t a negative coach. Unlike previous coaches, you made baseball fun again. When I have fun, I play so much better and definitely have more confidence.

Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain for anything about my game and baseball itself. Having a coach like you can really make a player become an all- star. Going back to when I would go on a bad streak, you would spend the time explaining every little detail that was wrong with my swing. You were always able to help me with any issues that I ran into and fix the ones you could.

You were also probably the best coach because you were down to earth and you just had fun with us. When we lost to Bonny Eagle, we got on the bus and the driver turned on the radio and everyone of us on the bus started singing “Shut Up and Dance”. You not only sang in the karaoke with us, but at the end of the season you made a team picture with a border with quotes from that song.

You make up for all the negative and harsh coaches that I have played for in the past. You are probably the only coach that, at an awards ceremony, could say something nice and heartfelt about every player you called up.

Playing for you taught me it’s okay to mess up it’s okay to make an error, and that it’s okay to strike out because from every mistake comes a lesson to learn.

While the last season playing for you turned out to be your last season coaching and my last season playing baseball, I am happy to have the memories from the past two seasons for the rest of my life.

Thank You,


Thank you everyone for reading this month’s open letter to probably the best coach I have ever had. I feel like everyone who has ever done a sport has had a coach like this. If after reading this you thought of someone I urge you to let them know about the good times you had playing for them. You never know what you say could make their day!