Senior Yuriy Reiter survives car crash

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Senior Yuriy Reiter survives car crash

Joshua Hanson, Staff Member

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On January 24th Senior Yuriy Reiter was in a car crash.

At around five in the morning Reiter was driving around to clear his head when he lost control of his vehicle and went off the road.

“I went over a bridge and at the end of the bridge, there was a turn. I turned going 50 Miles Per Hour and the car was sliding and going straight still,” Reiter said. “As I felt it sliding I hit the brakes and cut the wheel all the way to the left.”

On New Country road the speed limit was fifty miles per hour. The road was clear.

“I thought that it would be warm enough and there wouldn’t be any ice. So, since I thought that there wasn’t any ice to worry about, I was going the speed limit which was 50 mph,” said Reiter.

Reiter fought to regain control of his vehicle but was unable to pull it off.

“I turned the wheel and heard the snow scraping on the underside of the car as I went off the road. I closed my eyes and braced for the worst,” said Reiter.

He was off the road for at least 15 feet before he hit the tree and that slowed him down a little.

“I hit a tree going a little less than 50,” said Reiter.

Reiter remembers the moment her crashed.

“I remember the impact. I remember the force. It felt like a minute had passed by when I was knocked out. When I opened my eyes, I could smell the airbags,” said Reiter. “The interior panels and the dashboard were pushed in.”

Reiter’s vehicle sent out a distress signal to first responders.

“I heard the car say ‘calling 911,’” Reiter said. “I couldn’t open my door so I moved across the car climbed out of the passenger window.”

After Reiter exited his vehicle the reality of the accident set in.

“When I was out, I walked around to the front of the car and looked at it. When I saw it, I almost dropped to my knees and cried,” said Reiter.

First responders arrived and transported him to the hospital where he found out that he had a concussion and a sprained ankle.

“I couldn’t believe that I got into an accident and I survived,” Reiter said.

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